Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hi friends are you a person that when your on the web you like to download movies,music,video games,stream videos ETC.. well this is the software you need called HMA! with this software you can do all of that anonymously! in most cases you do not want to be on your one connection doing these things that's when HMA comes into play say for exp.. you live in new york right? using this software you can put your location as if you were really in Germany or any were else in the world or else where in the U.S.A this software is a must have if your doing anything i stated above.
NOTICE WARNING!! If you are a person who is on PTC,GPT, Or any site to earn money online and you get this software DO NOT!! use this on PTC,GPT, ETC It will get you banned by the owners of these sites your earning money online from so please make sure that the software is not running when you login to the websites you are earning for just use this software for downloading,streaming websites and sites you don't no much about ETC..Thanks for visiting and reading my blog to get started JUST CLICK HERE and signup and your on your way in the rite direction!.